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Runxing hold staff sports.
Time:2014-06-14 10:58:00  Author:admin

  In order to strength culture construction, enhance cohesion.On June 14, 2014, Runxing company established staff sport and the President Mr. Yuxiaoning also join to them .

  The games one minute rope skipping, young slow ride a bicycle, elderly group slow ride a bicycle, youth men 100 - meter dash, grab market, young men standing long jump, middle-aged and old 60 meters ball, designated for blue 9 personal projects, such as the kangaroo jump, 4 * 100 relay relay, bypass bridge and other five groups project.

The opening ceremony

Gold always delivering

Chairman, President in total

The referee representatives spoke

Meters ball

Youth men 100 - meter dash


Elderly group slow ride a bicycle

Relay relay

Point shooting game

Tug of war

Contest winners

Team competition winners

Zou always closing speech

The closing ceremony in total  

  The movement of a complete is shown the worker spirit. Promote the staff construction of spiritual civilization of an event. To strengthen the communication between the employees, promote unity, as well as to the training worker is positive. More important is to enhance the worker physical quality, improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness, provide the powerful spirit for the company further development.